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Dyno Facility

Why Dyno Tune a Car?

All cars both new and old are typically in a state of mistune as delivered from the factory. The factory conservative generic tune is provided to account for poor fuel, harsh environmental and inconsistent conditions and allow for the range of tolerances that today's cars are delivered with.

Older cars may also go out of tune due to damaged or wearing components and or failing sensors or other mechanical and electrical parts.

For those of you that like to look after your car and do tend to use a better quality fuel, and are conscious about the day to day running of your car, then a custom dyno tune is the way to go.

A custom tune will improve not only the day to day performance of the vehicle but also reduce fuel costs. This will in turn help to save the environment by reducing harmful greenhouse gases and your carbon footprint.

Unlike what most people think Turboshop take into consideration both Power and Economy as part of every custom tune …

Other reasons to dyno tune:

  • Check the periodic performance of your car and look at high speed safety factors that are not possible to check on the road
  • Speedometer checks for accuracy

The dynopack couples directly to the wheel hubs and applies a precisely controlled load. This method of direct coupling plus its inherent durability means the Dynapack is always on control of the vehicle.  With the power of the Dynapack you have complete control over the test and the demands placed on the vehicle. Flexible data presentation and analysis is available directly from the simple to use Windows interface.

What makes the Dynapack so special ...

  • Repeatable - Stable measurement system, no tyre - roller interface
  • Sensitive - No inertia to mask small changes; able to detect 0.10" changes in spark plug gap, minute differences in fluids in the engine and driveline.
  • Simulate - Track conditions on the dynopack - User control rate of change of RPM.
  • Portable - With the wheels on Dynapack's absorption unit, just