Performance tuning our specialty

Turboshop is Otago’s leading automotive performance business, specialising in providing high performance tuning for race, rally, drag and street vehicles. Some of our more unusual clientele include Jet Boats, speedway racing vehicles and even light planes.
We regularly provide chip modifications to high performance and sport compact vehicles to increase fuel efficiency, lower carbon emissions and provide better engine performance for less wear.
Our day to day work keeps us grounded, with everyday general car engine repairs, servicing and Warrant of Fitness testing.

Details of our Workshop services 


Everything automotive from servicing vintage cars to modern engine diagnostics

Our team includes four technicians (all New Zealand qualified and trained), led by Mike Lynn. With over 50 years combined experience and a passion for engines, we have a strong working knowledge of engines from a diverse range of vehicles.
We take pride in our workmanship and each team member takes personal responsibility for their work. From servicing vintage cars to full modern engine diagnostics, we pride ourselves on our ability to solve any automotive problem our customers bring through our workshop doors.

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Investing in the best diagnostic and tuning equipment

Our Workshop is fitted with all the necessary equipment and machinery to ensure your vehicle is serviced professionally. This includes a range of additional scanners and diagnostics equipment to provide accurate modern engine diagnostics and performance tuning across a wide range of vehicles. Here are just some of the machines we have on hand.

Autologic Diagnostic Tool for European makes and models

The Autologic Diagnostic System is designed to replicate the functionality (including coding and programming) of OEM tools used by leading European automotive manufacturers, allowing us to provide complete diagnostics for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Jaguar, Volvo, Porsche, Rolls Royce, PSA/Renault and VW/Audi.

Snap-on Verus Edge diagnostic scanner and oscilloscope

The Snap-on Verus Edge is widely considered the best all-around diagnostic scanner and oscilloscope on the market. It is a handheld wireless device that gives access to its diagnostics tools and vehicle data from anywhere in the workshop. 

Snap-on Verdict multi-functional scanner/scope

The Snap-on Verdict is a Turboshop favourite, due to its broad capabilities to find the root cause to any problem, on any system and on any car. It’s multi-tasking capability means we can scan the car or browse the internet for technical support information while the scope is collecting data in the background.

Hanatech multiscanner

Hanatech is a tried and true multi-scanner unit that is used worldwide for vehicle diagnostics. It is a PC based multi-scanner platform with handheld remote for fast, efficient scanning and troubleshooting.

DEC Superscan

The DEC Superscan 3 is one of our more advanced automotive diagnostic scanner that is able to carry out higher end ECU vehicle diagnostics. It is especially useful when it comes to coding or reprogramming ECUs that are damaged and need replacing.

DynaPack 4wd Dyno

Turboshop runs a 4WD chassis dynamometer from DynaPack for more cost effective and efficient engine tuning and ECU mapping. It provides greater precision in measurement in a safer, more controlled way than the traditional roller dyno, and can be programmed to run for hours on end for durability testing and racetrack simulation.


Our AlienTech ECU Chip tuning equipment gives us the capability to remap the ECU of a wide range of vehicles from cars and motorbikes to trucks and campervans, modifying the parameters of the engine and of the automatic transmission for different results like higher performance or greater fuel efficiency, depending on what is required by the customer.

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