Performance car tuning for improved power and economy

Turboshop are Dunedin’s leading specialists in performance car tuning for improved engine power and fuel economy. We use the latest ECU mapping technology for precision performance adjustments and fault finding to get better performance from your engine, across all makes and models including high performance sports cars and premium motor vehicles. 

ECU mapping

Whether you need professional retuning on after-market ECU chips for high performance vehicles or help to remap factory ECUs to safely achieve better output without causing issues with engine load or fuel consumption elsewhere, you’ve come to the right place. Our combined expertise in high performance tuning and access to the latest remapping technology means we know how to get the best out of your engine.

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Diesel particulate filter (dpf) and other emission settings reconfigured

With more restrictions on vehicles to meet legislative emissions standards, sometimes the performance of your engine is compromised. We can safely delete diesel particulate filter (dpf) programming from your ECU chip whilst still meeting minimum emission standards. Talk to us about what solutions we can provide for DPF, Cat Converter EGR, SAI and other factory fitted emission controls that hinder your power output and fuel burning efficiency.

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